Sad Love Haiku

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once upon a time
love filled my heart forever
that was yesterday

mjs • 11/10/2020

love was once something
but now it’s become nothing
never to return

mjs • 11/11/2020

if only you knew
how much of my heart is you
it would crush yours too

mjs • 11/12/2020

reduced to ashes
my once invincible heart
adrift in the wind

mjs • 11/13/2020

everything will die
i just never expected
my heart to be first

mjs • 11/16/2020

imagining you
was not impossible but
forgetting you is

mjs • 11/17/2020

iron turns to rust
kept from the love that feeds them
hearts wither to dust

mjs • 11/18/2020

love does not exist
a dream of a dream of a…
it never was real

mjs • 11/19/2020

after your heart dies
hope withers, starves, and dies too
casting you adrift

mjs • 11/20/2020

some people don’t know
love is a luxury that
others can’t afford

mjs • 11/21/2020

love’s the greatest song
but when your heart has perished
love becomes cruel noise

mjs • 11/22/2020

the pain of heartbreak
is better than a dead heart
unable to feel

mjs • 11/23/2020

I’m no longer me
my heart, obliterated
I’m hollow inside

mjs • 11/24/2020

of all my loves lost
yours was the most exquisite
the loss still echoes

mjs • 11/25/2020

why do i care if
there’s someone else who loves me
why does it matter

mjs • 11/26/2020

sometimes the sadness
fills my inside like liquid
drowning everything

mjs • 11/27/2020

who would ever think
promises of love come with
expiration dates

mjs • 11/28/2020

my dead heart’s remains
please return them to me so
i can set them free

mjs • 11/29/2020

neil young is right that
only love can break your heart
my world fell apart

mjs • 11/30/2020

you tried to change me
into the love you wanted
i loved you for you

mjs • 12/1/2020

when i needed you
the most i’ve needed someone
you abandoned me

mjs • 12/2/2020

discarded like trash
promises of love, broken
were they ever true

mjs • 12/3/2020

your love was my sun
everything is gray and dark
without you and us

mjs • 12/4/2020

like the setting sun
my heart has faded to black
but won’t rise again

mjs • 12/5/2020

every time i write
“i love you” i am always
writing it to you

mjs • 12/6/2020

the depth of my love
i let you go when you asked
as deep as the sea

mjs • 12/7/2020

you are beautiful
in a way that consumes, whole,
all of who i am

mjs • 12/8/2020

i think too much about
how your kiss felt on my lips
indelible bliss

mjs • 12/9/2020

i miss all of you
even the annoying things
make me smile now

mjs • 12/10/2020

your love, so perfect,
became my everything but
did i make it up?

mjs • 12/11/2020

nothing in this world
is as heartbreaking as a
conditional love

mjs • 12/12/2020

i am different
is what you promised me but
you left just like them

mjs • 12/13/2020

it was so hurtful
you pledged your eternal love
and then walked away

mjs • 12/14/2020

when did promises
change from being YOUR word to
just ANOTHER word

mjs • 12/15/2020

sometimes the sadness
is like a thick lead cocoon

mjs • 12/16/2020

please do not worry
there is nothing left of me
i’m already gone

mjs • 12/17/2020

contemplating my
disappearing completely
into the darkness

mjs • 12/18/2020

the world’s on fire
all i can think about is
how you look at me

mjs • 12/19/2020

do not waste your time
i live inside myself now
I’m not coming back

mjs • 12/20/2020

i am not lonely
and never had been until
you left me alone

mjs • 12/21/2020

there’s a brief moment
to undo what you have done
before it’s too late

mjs • 12/22/2020

there’s no such thing as
a festivus miracle
it’s just one more lie

mjs • 12/23/2020

movies trick us to
think happy endings exist
the truth is they don’t

mjs • 12/24/2020

if i had one wish
i’d wish i didn’t love you
then i could be free

mjs • 12/25/2020

i cut myself with
the dullest blades so the pain
has nowhere to hide

mjs • 12/26/2020

i’ve become a void
without you, without your love
i’ve become nothing

mjs • 12/31/2020

everything i do
is a tiny act for you
to find me again

mjs • 1/1/2021

a realization:
love is never the same twice
sublime and tragic

mjs • 1/3/2021

i hate surprises
but every time my phone rings…
a moment of hope

mjs • 1/17/2021

i thought it would end
the constant flow of sadness
but it’s infinite

mjs • 2/18/2021

i don’t remember
what life was like before i
succumbed to sadness

mjs • 3/2/2021

the darkness crushes
everything ahead of it
wake of nothingness

mjs • 3/4/2021

i try not to sleep
so i can delay facing
the next tomorrow

mjs • 3/8/2021

i was that dumb fool
who thought love is all you need
love is make-believe

mjs • 3/9/2021

you said forever
but what you really meant was
only for a time

mjs • 3/10/2021

mistakenly i
thought there was light in the dark
but it was nothing

mjs • 3/11/2021

what’s the point of it?
of anything? everything?
it’s all just pointless

mjs • 3/12/2021

the grandest tale is
“happily ever after”.
it does not exist.

mjs • 3/16/2021

after awhile
you forget why you’ve wanted
what you’ve been wanting

mjs • 3/17/2021

you fell in love with
the person you thought i was
but not who i am

mjs • 3/23/2021

paint everything black
so the darkness feels at home
my only real friend

mjs • 3/24/2021

i built worlds for you
that will never be realized
since we are not us

mjs • 3/25/2021

reduced to ashes, my heart
died a lonely death

mjs • 3/26/2021

you fell in love with
your idea of who i was
but not who i am

mjs • 3/27/2021

the only friend who
hasn’t abandoned me is
my old friend darkness.

mjs • 3/28/2021

some day i’ll move on
though your grave scar on my heart
has altered its beat

mjs • 3/29/2021

i do understand
i’m no longer in your thoughts;
just a past chapter

mjs • 3/30/2021

i gave you my heart
and though I can take it back
without you it’s lost

mjs • 3/31/2021

no one will ever
look at you the way i did
with all of our love

mjs • 4/1/2021

so full of heartache
an endless flow of missing
i can’t let us go

mjs • 4/3/2021

if you’re wondering
if they’re thinking about you
you can stop; they’re not.

mjs • 4/4/2021

they: “just let go”. but
my heart doesn’t understand.
love can be so sad.

mjs • 4/5/2021

sadness chokes me like two hands
cutting off all hope

mjs • 4/6/2021

it was over, but
i was the last to find out.
the hurt still hurts me.

mjs • 4/7/2021

you bailed on me when
things went from easy to tough;
that’s not love, baby.

mjs • 4/8/2021

i am aware that
romanticizing our us
holds me in limbo

mjs • 4/9/2021

i’ve been sad so long
happiness seems like a dream
that never comes true

mjs • 4/11/2021

once upon a time
i loved you with all my heart
forever after

mjs • 4/12/2021

sadness is my all.
it's my only emotion
and my only home.

mjs • 4/20/2021

my heart is broken
billions of tiny pieces
each stained with my tears

mjs • 4/21/2021

darkness and sadness
two sides of my lucky coin.
heads or tails… i lose.

mjs • 4/22/2021

the truth of it is,
you are my only person,
but i am not yours.

mjs • 4/23/2021

the truth of it is,
without your love to hold me,
everything’s nothing.

mjs • 4/24/2021

the truth of it is,
without love, i’m just waiting
for my dying breath

mjs • 4/25/2021

the truth of it is,
i used to believe in love,
but not anymore.

mjs • 4/26/2021

the truth of it is,
i don’t want anyone but
you; you are my one.

mjs • 4/28/2021

if i fall in love
with my depression, maybe
it will leave me too.

mjs • 5/4/2021

sometimes you have to
let someone go so that they
realize what they've lost

mjs • 5/6/2021

tell all the poets:
“go fuck yourself!” it’s their fault
i believed in love.

mjs • 5/7/2021

i’m alone. i have
come to realize the clear truth:
i am no one’s dream.

mjs • 5/9/2021

i’ve been sad so long
i don’t think i’d recognize
what happy looks like

mjs • 5/14/2021

one day i’ll be free
i’ll no longer think of you
as my everything

mjs • 5/17/2021

in a deep dark hole
with nothing and no one just
waiting for the end

mjs • 5/19/2021

what i’ve learned is that
love is a bullshit story.
i am without hope.

mjs • 5/20/2021

of all the people
i’ve ever met in my life
i only want you

mjs • 5/23/2021

losing all your love
broke me like humpty dumpty;

mjs • 5/24/2021

i’ve been sad so long
thoughts of being happy are

mjs • 5/25/2021

awake all night long
staring at my silent phone
waiting for your sign

mjs • 5/26/2021

your silence is clear
your answer to “us” is “no”.
love’s lost all meaning.

mjs • 10/6/2021

there has never been
two souls who need each other
more than we need us

mjs • 2/14/2022